Why was this site created?

This site was put together with the aim to help people understand a little more about themselves, other people and the world around us. But also to offer a little inspiration, hope and food for thought.

That’s the core of this site really – understanding. Why do people do the things they do. Why do we act this way when others act that way? What makes us different but also what makes us the same? Or more simply just answering the question – what’s up with that?!


What does ‘Thinkings and Feelings’ mean?

When we (me and the two sisters) were a little ( a lot) smaller the topic of souls came up. It seems to be a topic that kids don’t really understand and that parents struggle to explain. The explanation we got though was: ‘a soul is a person’s thinkings and feelings’.

I like this phrase because I think it perfectly describes what it is to be human (regardless of your views on souls) – to think and to feel. So to me, ‘thinkings and feelings’ is what makes a person a person.


About Me (if you really want to know…)

I was a bit of a strange kid (and am probably an even stranger adult). When people tried to talk to me, I’d just stare at them. I just didn’t really understand why they were talking to me. Couldn’t they see I was in my own little fantasy land and they were interrupting? So ruuuuude.

The fantasy worlds I would create were based on stories that my parents would tell me, films I’d watch and when I was a little older, stories I read for myself. And the great thing about stories is that they teach us values, life lessons and morals. But the less good thing, especially with children’s stories, is that they teach ideals and stereotypes. Then real life hits you in the face with its imperfections. So, I became confused. Because that’s confusing.

And I started asking questions, really annoying questions. Why do you act that way? In the stories, people don’t act that way. Why do you care about money? Money doesn’t matter to Cinderella. Why is that lady mean? She’s not a stepmother. Why is that stepmother nice? All stepmothers are bad. Why do people have jobs when they don’t like them? Why has she said that thing but then done the opposite thing? And most importantly why can’t animals talk to me? And the list goes on – I’m still adding to it if I’m honest…

It got to the point where I stopped asking these questions (possibly because my mother made me) and started finding answers to them instead (google you are a wonderful wonderful thing). And it’s now years later and I have even more questions about myself, other people and the world around me but I’m pretty good at finding answers to them now.

If you also have questions about life, love and lemons(?) then you’re in the right place. I want to share some thinkings and feelings with you and hear some of yours too. Also, I love a good story be that written, spoken or acted out. If you have a good story you’d like to share with me, definitely, send me a message – I want to hear it!