Why hello there! It’s nice to see you. What would you like to read today?


Challenging Beliefs

Can I interest you in some posts which will challenge your beliefs? In a nice way that is. We’ll just have a look at some common advice, sayings or beliefs and see if there might (or might not) be another way to look at things. Why? Well, I personally just find that type of thing a little bit interesting. But I also think (and feel free to challenge my belief on this) that if you take the time to consider things from a different perspective, even if you don’t agree with it, then it can help you to understand people, concepts and life type stuff just a little bit better.



If that’s not your cuppa tea (insert different drink if you’re not a tea lover), then perhaps you’d like to read a bit about the emotional side of life. The side that affects us all on a day to day basis, that underlines every action, thought and belief we have but if widely ignored, misunderstood or otherwise belittled.


Fun Theories

A little too emotional for you? Well then perhaps some fun theories are more your thing? Some of which still relate to the emotional side of the human experience but all of which are aimed at better understanding people, human types and the world around us in general. And some are just fun to read because they’re a tad on the ridiculous side.



Maybe you’re more into stories? The thing that’s great about stories is that when done well they’re a mirror for life. Which makes them great in terms of inspiration, self-empowerment, motivation and hope. But they also allow us to explore parts of ourselves we’d never noticed before and understand a little more about others. If I find one that’s especially good then I’ll let you know.


Still, can’t find something you wanna read? Head over to this pagey page here and let me know what you would like to see more of.


Have a simply spiffing day – you’ve earnt it!